Extreme Brickout is the starting board for Idleplex. It is (in my opinion) the most useless board, and the one that requires the most player interaction to earn money, at least initially. It requires the largest investment to become useful.

There are six characteristics to be upgraded:

Paddle Bonus: (max: 20 at 24.7m) increases the amount of money earned each time the paddle is hit by an animal.

Paddle Width: (max: 20 at 19.8m) increases the size of the paddle, thus making it easier to hit the sheep.

Release Rate: (max: 20 at 37.1m) increases the rate at which animals are dropped from the launchers.

Max Animals: (max: 20 at 24.7m) increases the number of animals on the board.

Paddle Speed: (max: 5 at 52.4m) increases the speed of the paddle.

Launchers: (max: 5 at 52.4m) increases the number of launchers.

All of these seem to be of equal importance to the DPS except for launchers, which has a very similar function to release rate but is much more expensive.