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The poopmonger chute

Extreme Poopmongering is Incredibly profitable with 4 extremely useful branches... and one extremely oveprices and hardly worth it one. It involves clicking poops to get money, with an oncreasing chance to get nuggets, golden poops worth more. it also features an automonger, for idling, but no matter the lvl of automonger, this is supposed to be used for "anti-idling". Because the max for idling is about 50k, the max fo Anti-idling can be 500k$, both values are putting 3*cracker into consideration, but not prestige.


Monger Value: 39,617,584$ max, 20 upgrades

Nugget Chance: 37,141,485$ max, 20 upgrades

Nugget Bonus: 49,521,980$ max, 20 upgrades

Poop Chute Size: 54,474,178$max, 20 upgrades

Automonger: 478,296,900$max, 10 upgrades

Monger Value increases the money per poop, and may be the most useful standalone upgrade, especially since it costs the least. So getting more form poop

Nugget Chance increases the chance of finding golden poops, and is not that great unless combined with Nugget Bonus. However, when the 2 are combined, golden poops are no objects.

Nugget Bonus increases money gotten from it. the fact that it needs to be combined with nugget chance for usefulness is bad, but then again, the maximum per nugget is about 10k$, a massive amount

Poop chute size increases how fast poop comes in. However, it also increases the size of the chute, which is a mixed bag: onet, it means more poop will stay on the floor and not be flown offscreen. Two, it means more poop will be flown offscreen due to angling. either way, once this is maxed, poop will be shooting out like a 5-barreled minigun.

The combination of these, adn a fast trigger finger means hundreds of dps. but with a slow trigger finger, not as much. So the value of this depends of two things: trigger finger, and automonger(despite the latter being useless).


Automonger. Automonger. This has problems: it doesn't prioritize nuggets, making idling a problem. Two, even when maxed, it goes once every half-second, which is nowhere near the lvl 20 poop chute poop spawnrate. Then we're not even mentioning the sky-high price: nearly half a million to max out.

Still, unless you have Kongbot(and possibly even then), despite the problems, you NEED this. At least lvl 1. Because the average player hardly anti-idles at all, you'll want automonger high quickly. But with the price holding that back, automonger needs many things: 1. Lower price 2. a Buff  3. Lower price!!!!

So in the end, this a big mixed bag, a bit like animal density. they both have completely wasted potential, they both seem good on paper, and they are both hardly even worth it, with automonger being more sever in each of these. But you still need it. That's jsut Kongregate(and John!!!) messing with you.