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Fully upgraded Extreme Animal Jumping board.

Extreme Animal Jumping is a very profitable board with 4 upgrade branches, nearly as profitable as Extreme Lawn Mowing. 

Upgrades Edit

Extreme Animal Jumping has four upgrades that all help the DPS output of the board entirely

Crossing Bonus - 39 Million ~  (20 upgrades) 

Jumping - 42 Million ~ (20 upgrades)

Animal Frequency - 55 Million ~ (10 upgrades) 

Jumpers - 58 Million ~ (10 upgrades)

Crossing bonus affects the amount of profit that the animal recieves when it succesfully reaches the spikes on the other side

Jumping affects the amount of profit made when a jumper jumps up, each jumper gets this bonus

Animal frequency affects how rapidly the animals come out resulting in more animals reaching the other side and the more times the Jumpers jump

Jumpers act as a multiplier to both the Crossing bonus and the amount of money recieved from Jumping

All of these upgrades work fabulously together making DPS reach nearly the levels of the Lawn Mower


It's best never to actually play this board on your own, the board AI will not allow for mistakes and will let the animals cross the board succesfully every time, you should only access the board if you wish to upgrade the board or have a strange nag to play it.