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The prestige DPS addition after two prestiges

After several days or so of playing a player reaches the point where they have too much money and need a way to progress, Idleplex's answer to this is Prestiging

How do I prestige?Edit

The answer to this is simple, after you have bought the Garden, and have 95B~ Dollars to spend you have the option to purchase the 4th seed in the garden, the Starrot, after waiting a short while for it to grow and you harvest it you will be given the option to prestige or not, if you accept you will lose all of your boards and money, but be gifted a +20% DPS bonus per prestige.


The image you see as you click the Starrot (Photocred: Frozenembers)

Bugs with prestigingEdit

It is known by players that when you prestige there is a certain amount of cash, random, that you recieve directly after you prestige.

The cause of this is being speculated as you recieving some of your old DPS due to the immense lag that the game has.

There is also another well-known bug. If you prestige all your boards and money will reset. However, sometimes the amount of boards does not get reset. Which means that amount of boards left to buy is not reset in the "buy a new board" menu, causing the prices for the first boards to be impossibly expensive. Also, if this happens, you will not be able to buy a garden (since you had to have a garden in order to prestige), and thus it is impossible to prestige again. If this happens, the only thing you can do is to reset whole the game and start all over again. However, you can take a precaution. You should take a backup of your savefile before prestiging. That way, if the bug occurs, you can just put in the backup of the savefile, and try prestiging again. Usually, the second time will be succesful, and the bug wont occur. Be sure to do this before every prestige, until the bug is positively fixed.